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Prices of the high prints,

Momo, high print 1994 15x14 cm_20 euro

Walking Alone, high print 1987 10,5x8,5_25 e

Argentina, high print 2000 10x20 cm_25 euro

Sheetbound, high print 2000_25 euro

Snowy realm, high print 2000_20 euro

Lion´s jump, high print 2000_20 euro

Comes onto picture, high print 2001_20 euro

Bringing the Fire, high print 2001_20 euro

Thinking, high print 2001 9x14 cm_25 euro

Takes a Fire, high print 2001 10x16,5 cm_25 e

Flyes, high print 2002 17x13_25 euro

Snowball, high print 2002  17x10cm_25 euro

Baby Fish, high print 2003 18x9 cm  _25 euro

Coming, high print 2003__25 euro

Into Middle, highprint 2003, 17,5x7cm__25e

Writing, high print 2003__25 euro

Pearl Hunters, high print 2003, 16x13 cm_30 e

From Side to Side, 2003,16x7cm__25 euro

Sayes, high print 2003 _20e

Wings tight 1.2.3, high print 2005_a' 20 euro

Wings paired, high print 2005, 18x10 cm _25 euro

Comes with the Fire, 2005, 20x10 cm_25 euro

Firey, high print 2006_20 euro

Comes from Far, 2005 14x7 cm_20 euro

Snowblanket, high print 2012 10x10 cm_20 euro

The Other Side, high print 2012 10x10cm_20 e

Prices of the small intaglio prints, 

mailing, frame and paspartou not enclosed

2015_Out of the Box.... 70 euros 

Right One.... 70 euros

Halo Just Right.. ..70 


Letter to Me.. ..70 euros

2014_Moonshine..... 60 euros 

Art In Hand.... 60 euros 

Small Faceprint.. ..50 euros 

Reflects.. 50 euros 

2013_Book Faced....80 euros

Deep End....80 euros

Point of View....60 euros

At Glance....100 euros

2012_Paper Wear 1,2,3, etching 4,9x4,9cm……. a' 45euros

2011_Landscape of the Other Side, dry point ..70 euros

Slow Train Coming, dry point 8x10,2 cm..70 euros

SPA I,II,III dry point 2011 8x10 cm ..a' 50 euros 

2010_Petit Cocktail, dry point 7x10 cm.... 60 euros Hairelongation, dry point 7x10 cm..50 euros 

In the wind, dry point 10x8cm..45 euros 

Hair just right, dry point 8x8cm..45 euros 

Long Pony Tail, etching 7x12cm..45 euros 


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